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To Our Staff

We value our staff and their excellence in providing the best service available to our clients.  Thank you.




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Please click the logo above to go to our CDS training website. Your username will be your first initial and last name and the last 4 numbers of your social security number. The initial password is hello.





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In response to many comments about how much fun the Brag Board was during Staff Appreciation Week, we are going to implement a spin-off of that option that will be called Recognizing Service Excellence.  This avenue of acknowledgment will be available in The Scoop each month and anyone can recognize an employee for a job well done.  All staff that are recognized receive a gift card.  Simply send an email to info@connections.services anytime during the month with the name of the employee you want to recognize for service excellence and list the accomplishment you want to have acknowledged. Some ideas for submission would be:

  • Any positive feedback about an employee
  • Recognizing someone’s efforts for going above and beyond in a particular situation
  • Observing a person-centered approach, action, activity, etc.
  • Recognizing someone for practicing excellence in safety and/or recommending a new safety precaution
  • Recognizing someone who exemplifies our values and/or mission
  • Any other performance related activity that you would like to have noted in The Scoop about a fellow coworker


 If you have any questions about how this  opportunity  works, please contact any senior manager.


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