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SERVING People with Disabilities since 1972

Connections offers employment support service options to assist individuals in finding and maintaining employment in the community. With all services, Connections provides on-going support and a contact person for communication and advocacy. Connections clients are employed at a variety of businesses in the Fargo/Moorhead area. A CARF International Three-Year Accreditation was awarded to Connections of Moorhead, Inc. in July 2013 for Community Employment Services: Employment Supports  and Job Development. 

  • Connections can help an individual transition into the workforce, whether it is to find his/her first job or to assist with seeking out new employment opportunities.
  • Connections can become a part of the team while an individual is still in high school by attending Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings and getting to know the individual's wants and needs.
  • Our services also assist individuals who have been away from the workforce for some time and are again interested in finding employment.

Assessment Process

  • Individuals may be approved for assessment funds and the assessment process is where specific needs are evaluated before a regular work schedule begins.
  • Typically an individual will work with Connections for four weeks, having the opportunity to experience various work sites.
  • During this time an individual will have the support of a 1:1 job coach who will provide training, evaluate areas of need, as well as provide transportation to and from the work site.
  • After the assessment period, the individual and his/her team will meet to discuss likes, dislikes, strengths, areas of need and ultimately appropriate program placement.
  • Once program placement is decided, the individual and his/her team will be assigned a supervisor who will act as the regular contact person at Connections.
  • The individual is paid for the work they complete at each work site during the assessment process.


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