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Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

·         ARMHS helps individuals function independently in their homes or places of residence. Services are provided in four areas: Basic Living and Social Skills, Community Intervention, Medication Education and Transitioning to Community Living.


Who is eligible?

·         Individuals ages 18 or older who are on Medical Assistance;

·         Individuals who have had a recent diagnostic assessment, or an adult diagnostic assessment update, by a qualified professional that documents ARMHS are medically necessary;

·         Individuals who are diagnosed with a medical condition, such as mental illness or traumatic brain injury, for which ARMHS are needed; and

·         Individuals that have substantial disability and functional impairment in three or more areas so that self-sufficiency is markedly reduced.


What basic living and social skills are taught?

·         Managing your symptoms of mental illness   

·         Managing your household

·         Planning for employment

·         Pursuing education

·         Budgeting and shopping

·         Developing a healthy lifestyle

·         Learning to navigate your community

·         Re-entering your community living after treatment

·         Getting outside help to cope with a difficult situation

·         Discovering and using community resources to get your needs met

·         Communicating your opinions, thoughts and feelings, or key information with others

·         Preventing relapse


If you feel like you, or someone you work with, could benefit from Connections’ ARMHS Program, please call: Tricia Hopper at 701-532-1145 ext. 12


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