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 A High School Diploma is required as is some experience with driving a commercial passenger vehicle.  Experience working with people with disabilities is preferred but not required.

  • Must have the ability to work with a wide variety of people, demonstrate leadership skills, and work effectively and efficiently.
  • Must possess a valid Class B Commercial Driver’s License with a Passenger Endorsement in good standing.
  • Must pass a Department of Transportation physical as required and submit to random drug and alcohol testing as required by DOT
  • Must have a clear driving record supported by license issuing state’s Driver’s Record Report
  • Must have proof of insurability unless otherwise approved by the Executive Director
  • Must be CPR and First Aid certified
  • Must have the ability to work independently with minimal supervision and possess a professional & respectful demeanor. 
  • Must be able to maintain confidential information
  • Must demonstrate effective written and oral skills
  • Must submit to and clear a background check as required by the Department of Human Services.
  • Must be able to communicate receptively and expressively in English. 
  • Some mechanical aptitude is helpful

    1.      Follows and maintains a current client route list and incorporates changes to the route as dictated by the Transportation Coordinator.

    2.      Communicates positively and professionally with client passengers, staff and other care givers.

    3.      Safely transports agency clients to and from their vocational settings. 

    4.      Completes supporting documentation regarding vehicle maintenance and ridership.

    5.      Reports bus maintenance and repair needs to the Transportation Coordinator and schedules vehicle appointments outside of route trips when possible.

    6.      Immediately reports any client behaviors or health issues to the agency.

    7.      Immediately reports any accidents and/or damages to property to the Transportation Coordinator.

    8.      Performs a complete vehicle pre-trip and post-trip in compliance with state and federal laws and submits it to the proper binder in the office on a daily basis.

    9.      Operate agency vehicles in accordance with State and Federal laws.

    10.  Positively acknowledge each client as they enter and exit the vehicle.

    11.  Wear Connections’ name tag or clothing and has it visible to all passengers at all times.

    12.  Accurately completes passenger log form and submits it to the proper binder in the office on a daily basis.

    13.  Communicate respectfully and professionally with all clients, staff persons, and care givers.

    14.  Smoothly facilitates route changes and adjustments as agency needs dictate.

    15.  Perform route pick-ups and drop-offs according to each client’s individual protocol.

    16.  Return the bus to its garage at the end of the route and secures its contents.

    17.  Immediately report accidents, client injuries and damage to property, etc. to the Transportation Coordinator. In the event of any major or minor accident, the Driver will provide a written description of events including a passenger list and an accident diagram to the Transportation Coordinator within 24 hours.

    18.  Cooperate with annual MN DOT and other bus inspectors.

    19.  Participate in agency meetings as requested.

    20.  Schedule bus maintenance and repairs outside of the route schedule and with approval from the Transportation Coordinator.                            

    21.  Pick up any debris left on the bus and sweep floor at least daily.

    22.  Keep bus exterior clean including interior and exterior glass at least monthly.

    23.  Disinfect and clean bus at least 2 times a week and daily during flu season.

    24.  Turns in gas receipts on a daily basis. 

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